About Us

Lockheed Martin Critical Design Review, 2016

When life gives you lemons, don't just make lemonade.  We are FRC 5113, the Combustible Lemons!  Founded in 2014, we are based out of Moorestown High School in Moorestown, NJ.  We are made up of high school students of all ages and academic and technical skill.  This season (2016) we have about 60 students working together on robot design and construction, competitions, marketing, and outreach.  Our current team breakdown is 1% youth, 35% freshmen, 20% sophomores, 22% juniors, and 22% seniors, with a male-female ratio of 2-1.  Have a look at the Competitions page to learn more about each year's competition and the robot we've built for it.

Helping us are a team of teachers and professional engineers and businesspeople who act as mentors for the team.  More information on them is available on our Mentors page.

FIRST teams are about more than just the robot.  Since our inception, we have been working hard to establish ourselves both in our school and in our community, promoting STEM and the values of FIRST by helping out at local science fairs and public events.  Be sure to check out our Outreach page to learn more about the work we're doing in our community.

Want to join?

The Combustible Lemons are always accepting new members!  Just email Mr. Bross at zbross@mtps.us.